In daily life, if the clothes or sheets are dirty


In daily life, if the clothes or sheets are dirty, do y […]

In daily life, if the clothes or sheets are dirty, do you choose to wash them by hand or machine? I believe that most people will choose to use the washing machine, which is easy and convenient to use.

In fact, as early as the 1980s, washing machines began to spread widely and entered thousands of households. At that time, it was one of the earliest "three big pieces" of home appliances. With the changes of the times, the functions of the washing machine have also been added more and more, and the various buttons on the panel are also arranged in various ways, but which kind of washing machine is really suitable for you, do you know?

1. Is the pulsator or drum type or agitated?

Wave wheel washing machine

When the pulsator type washing machine is working, the pulsator is rotated by the motor, and the clothes are continuously tumbling up and down with the water. The pulsator washing machine is easy to operate and can be easily used by the elderly. In addition, it has the advantages of convenient maintenance and high washing rate. The pulsator type washing machine is a cold water type washing machine with a simple structure, which not only saves time, labor, electricity, but also has a relatively low price. You can add clothes at any time during the washing process. This is good for people who often lose their lives. However, the disadvantage is that water consumption, clothing is easy to entangle, and washing uniformity is not very good.

Drum washing machine

Drum washing machine, when washing, the drum will continue to roll, imitating the principle of hitting the hammer and hitting the clothes, the clothes in the barrel will be driven to a high place, and then fall with gravity. The drum type washing machine is a hot water type washing machine. Unlike the pulsator type washing machine, the drum type washing machine requires very little water but has a high degree of washing. It is very suitable for areas mainly wearing hair and cotton. It is also suitable for washing silk, pure wool fabrics, cotton and chemical fiber fabrics. However, the disadvantage is that it is time consuming, power consuming, and the price is relatively high.

The center of the washing tub of the agitating washing Wall Fan Motor Manufacturers  machine is provided with a stirring rod, which rotates clockwise and counterclockwise to drive the water to wash the clothes. Under the action of a stirring rod and a few stirring wings in the center of the cylinder, it can be kept rotating within 360° depending on different clothing materials, soiling degree, washing quality, etc., either quickly or slowly. Since the stirring rod is not rotated at a high speed of 360 degrees, no strong reaction force is applied to the laundry, and damage to the laundry is small. The agitated washing machine is a cold water type washing machine, which has a complicated structure, a high degree of washing, a more uniform washing and a low winding rate. The agitated washing machine has more advantages than the pulsator type washing machine and the drum type washing machine, and has fewer disadvantages, and the price is naturally higher. In addition to the high water consumption and the three most noisy washing machines, there are few other obvious drawbacks.

2, fixed frequency or frequency conversion?

Whether the motor's internal core motor speed Wash Motors Manufacturers can be changed determines whether the motor is fixed frequency or frequency conversion. Similar to the working principle of the inverter air conditioner, the inverter washing machine can be adjusted in real time according to the current washing state. Since it does not need to be operated at the highest speed every moment, but at the most suitable speed, the power consumption is relatively fixed. There are fewer washing machines. Or many consumers think that the technology of inverter washing machine is relatively new, and the price should be much higher than that of direct-frequency washing machine. In fact, inverter washing machines have become more and more popular in recent years. Most of the common washing clothes on the market are inverter washing machines, and the price has been higher than A few years ago, it was a lot lower

3, washing machine drying function

The washing machine with the drying function is equipped with a wind drum, and the hot air generated during the work is sent into the washing tub through the pipe, so that the clothes can be quickly dried. The two-speed hot air respectively bakes clothes of different materials, high-temperature dried cotton clothes, and medium-temperature baked fiber clothes. If it is in the north, there is not much rainfall all year round, and it is generally not necessary to dry clothes frequently. However, it is more necessary to purchase a washing machine with drying function in the south. The south is rainy and humid in spring. Sometimes the clothes can not be completely dried after two days of drying. Especially the family with babies at home has to change the clothes several times a day. In this case, the addition of a washing machine with a drying function at home is really a lot of help.

4. How much capacity is bought?

The washing machine also has a lot of capacity as much as possible. Generally speaking, if there are two people in the house, it is suitable to choose a washing machine with a capacity of 6 to 7 kg. If it is 3 to 4 people, 8 to 10 kg is the most suitable. For these large pieces of clothing, you should choose a model with a capacity of 9 kg. Excessive washing is easy to wash, and it will cause certain wear and tear on the washing machine and reduce the service life of the washing machine. In addition, when purchasing a washing machine, it is best to choose a big brand. The national regulations for household appliances are generally three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Large brands of washing machine service outlets are more, and the choice of big brands is more secure.